How to completely uninstall the desktop client

Useful when you want to start wit a clean install and reset all the settings or totally remove the client from your computer.

Step-by-step guide for Windows

  1. Follow the standard client uninstall
  2. Locate the DigitalArx folder in the user space "[user_folder]\AppData\Local\DigitalArx. This will probably be a hidden folder so you should enable the visualization for those folders (how to enable hidden folder visualization)
  3. Delete the located DigitalArx folder

Step-by-step guide for OS X

  1. Follow the standard client uninstall
  2. Open the Terminal app (this will place you by default in your user folder)
  3. Execute the following commands
    1. cd Library
    2. cd Application\ Support/     (it is sufficient to start writing "App" and then press the Tab key for autocomplete)
    3. cd DigitalArx
    4. rm *



These are technical and administrative commands and may cause problems if you don't know what you are doing. Please ask your technical support for help if needed.

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